What You Should Know Before Buying a Hamster

Hamsters can be easily purchased at your local pet store or through a breeder. However, just because access is so simple doesn’t mean you should be buying a hamster. Consider first the type of hamster you want to own, since there are various types. Also, in terms of accommodation, any animals you currently own may not be able to handle the loudness of a hamster at night since they are nocturnal creatures. Hamsters need to be kept constantly in a cage. Do you have enough space in your home to fit a cage that is two cubic feet in size? And are you willing to replace the food and water and clean the cage on a regular basis?

Furthermore, keep in mind the two main types of hamsters: Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters. Syrian hamsters are much larger than their dwarf hamster counterpart. As such, their cages will be slightly different. If the cage is made from wire mesh, you will need to make sure the spacing between bars is significantly smaller if you plan on housing a dwarf hamster. In order to avoid any possibility of their escape, it is best to have a cage that has a solid structure like an aquarium or a large bin (don’t forget to leave holes in the top for air).

Lastly, it is important the cage you buy is the right size. You must also consider how many hamsters you want to own. It is recommended to provide at least two cubic feet of space for each hamster or else they may fight with one another. In order to avoid this completely, it is ideal for each hamster to live in their own cage. For more information on the best hamster cages to buy, read this article.