What Are Facebook Chatbots?

While Facebook chatbots have been around for a long time, the Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a relatively new addition to the companys bot library. In recent months, chatbots have evolved as quickly as people can talk. This is in part due to the fact that more people want access to chatbots and Facebook is actively doing everything it can to provide them.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is a small web based application that is designed to work within the Facebook platform. Its currently capable of handling basic tasks like managing interactions with friends and family, but there are lots of other capabilities as well.

With a chatbot you can take advantage of every element that Facebook has to offer. That includes creating highly targeted ads and contact information in bulk so that you can put together an impressive opt-in list.

Its not just the Facebook Messenger Bot thats becoming useful though. This year has seen a huge increase in Facebooks platform capabilities and the more features that are being added, the more powerful the platform becomes.

Even as messaging is becoming increasingly important, Facebook is focusing on other forms of communication too. You can now use a Messenger Bot for shopping.

Thanks to the improvements in Facebooks communication platforms, the Facebook Messenger Bot can also order your favorite coffee, pizza, or pizza delivery. When a person orders anything online, the experience is often similar to an offline purchase, but with the added convenience of being able to chat about it immediately afterward.

If youre interested in getting this type of feature for your website, simply create a Messenger Bot and add it to your site. Once its up and running, make sure you follow Facebooks guidelines to ensure that the bot is not triggering spam or other unwanted ads.

As one of the leading companies in internet marketing, Facebook understands the value of reaching a wider audience. They understand that many of their clients have tight budgets for advertising and marketing campaigns and the Messenger Bot will help them get their message out.

A Chatbot can even track inbound links, which means you can keep your own website up to date and keep your site relevant by adding links to related pages or articles. Of course, it also helps to make it easier for users to get connected to your marketing campaign.

The Facebook Messenger Bot can also perform basic research on your customers. It can determine which customers are most likely to be a repeat customer and the most likely to buy.

It can also track how often users go back to a site to find more information on a particular topic. This is all great for companies that need to send emails to their lists more frequently.

All of these features that you can use with a Facebook Chatbot are available at no cost. For a limited time, you can download it and start using it today.