Russian Visas Information and Guide

A citizen of another country who wishes to enter Russia must obtain a Visa. Upon approval, the Russia visa documentation stationed overseas national passport. Visa does not guarantee entry into Russia. Instead determine the eligibility of individuals seeking to enter Russia.

Russian Visa to enter Russia:

Using a Russian visa, one can travel to a designated port entry in Russia. This could be the airport or land border junction of Russia. Foreign nationals must then ask permission from Customs and Border Protection inspectors to enter Russia. You can know about Russian visa application process from various online sources.

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Russia Visa – Type:

There are two types of Russia visas. One is classified as an Immigrant Visa and the other as a non-immigrant visa. Immigrant visas used by foreign nationals coming to Russia to establish permanent residence. Non-immigrant visas are issued to people who want to travel to Russia on a temporary basis. Visa types defined by the purpose of the trip to Russia.

International travellers trying to enter Russia for a variety of reasons, such as tourism, business, medical treatment, and other temporary work. These people need to enter Russia by the non – immigrant US visa.

If foreigners want to enter Russia with an immigrant visa, then he/she must be sponsored by a Russian citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, or by prospective employers who offer jobs in the Russian foreign national.