Printed Bic Lighters – A Low-Cost, High-Return Marketing Tool

The dual benefits offered by using BIC lighters as a marketing tool should not be overlooked.

Printed lighters

A printed lighter is a disposable cigarette lighter that has your business name and/or company logo and contact information printed privately. You may sell these lighters in a hotel, convenience store or other retail location. You will discover multiple reasons that lighters are such a good marketing tool including presence, price, and frequency of use.

In most varieties of advertising (print, television, radio advertising, etc.) what you may spend on advertising isn't likely to be directly recouped. The increased custom to your business will be realized instead. To know more about lighter, you can also visit

Printed lighters will vary for the reason that you immediately recoup the advertising cost, that is, the price tag on purchasing the Bic lighters and having them printed with your company logo when the lighters can be purchased by you. When you get lighters wholesale it gives you to produce a high markup.

High impact

Your printed lighters will have a sizable marketing footprint because they will be seen not simply by the individual that will buy them, but by anyone who views your customer light with them. Lighters are borrowed often, so there's another chance of your subject matter to get out to prospective customers. You could keep your brand in the client's mind every time they use the lighter.

While there are numerous brands of disposable lighters you might buy for your marketing tool, Bic lighters have a reputation for stability and consistency. After all, you do not want your name and number on the side of the cigarette lighter it doesn't work.