Preparing Yourself for Mediation

The process of mediation can be defined in many ways but the most accurate definition is assisted negotiations. It is when one or both participants do not agree on one way to resolve a dispute. So if you are in such a situation, it is best to be prepared for all the curveballs that might find your way. Below are a few tips to prepare yourself for a mediation process.


1. Firstly make sure that both participants and their representatives are present and they are fully aware of the situation. If any participant who cannot be present physically you can use teleconferencing or video conferencing to ensure their presence. 

2. During family mediation or any kind of mediation process always be ready for new developments or new information. These developments and information can be a perfect way to resolve the dispute.

3. As a mediator it is your role to listen to both sides and make them listen to each other. Your focus should be on the problem rather the people with whom the problem is associated to.

4. It is advisable not to limit your solutions. Think of creative and innovative ways to solve the dispute. Also make sure that the solution you are providing should be beneficial for both the participants so they can easily accept the solution. Be empathic towards both participants so that they cannot say that you preferred the other participant.

5. It is very essential to know how participants perceive you. You have to encourage discussion between participants so that they can calmly solve their problems instead of discouraging them to talk about their problems.

These are a few tips to prepare yourself for a mediation session.