To promote the Understanding and practice of Zarathushti religion, in North America (United States and Canada), and to represent the interest of Council members.


1. Provide services to members for development of ecclesiastical excellence in the knowledge of Zarathushti Theology, Doctrines, Rituals and Spiritual care.

1.1 Establish an “Initiative for Informed Zarathushti Clergy (IIZAC)”  program for continuing education of Mobeds in order to augment their awareness of Zarathushti theology, doctrines and rituals.
1.2 Evolve an infrastructure to train and ordain Mobeds in North America in coordination with Iranian and Parsi religious leaders.
2. Enhance and advance understanding and appreciation of theological, doctrinal and ritualistic concepts of the religion of Zarathushtra amongst North American communities in general and Zarathushtis in particular, and thereby raise the profile of NAMC.

2.1 Improve public perception of Zarathushti religion and its clergy amongst co-religionists by focusing on the values of the Faith
2.2 Develop, promote and publicize the “Mobedyar”  program and provide individualized training to Zarathushti youths.
2.3 Promote the IIZAC program of continuing education amongst the laity.
2.4 Promote interactive dialogue between the laity and the clergy within the North American Zarathushti community for better understanding.
2.5 Organize camps for training of young Mobeds and Mobedyars for hands-on training on performance of rituals.
3. Provide spiritual guidance in the Zarathushti way of life at the National level in the United States and Canada.

3.1 Survey Zarathushti associations and communities in North America to position Mobeds as a resource person for religious education within the local community.
3.2 Study existing standards of education of Zarathushti children, in Zarathushti religion and prayers. Wherever necessary, recommend new standard for such education.
3.3 Prepare standardized explanatory notes on various rituals, which can be used by Mobeds to explain to laity, the purpose and details of the rituals and the accompanying prayers.

4. Create and develop links with academic religious departments, as well as Zarathushti clergy worldwide to harmonize the understanding and practice of Zarathushti theology.

5. Catalyze and promote World Council of Zarathushti Mobeds (WCZM).

6. Recognize and reward individuals and organizations for significant contributions towards the perpetuation of Zarathushti religion in North America.

The above guidelines are subject to review from time to time to evaluate their goals.

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