Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Queen Size Beds

Memory foam covers are considered an excellent alternative to buying a memory foam mattress. Because not everyone can afford to buy a memory foam mattress you can actually get the desired comfort of your body by using a topper instead.

This is also good for people who want to buy a memory mattress but are not sure whether it is worth the cost they have to pay. By buying a topper you can experience how a memory foam mattress will be like so you know whether buying a mattress will be in vain.

You can also purchase queen foam mattress online.

Memory foam is also known as Visco-elastic foam, developed by NASA in the 1970s. This foam is made to protect astronauts. The material is very expensive to use as a mattress, but then he found a place in the medical field.

Foam is made of a layer of polyurethane foam and is combined with chemicals that add thickness and weight. When you are on it, a memory foam mold is molded to your body, at the same time reacting to the heat that your body secretes and gives you the warmth you need in your sleep.

This type of topper also allows the distribution of your body's center of gravity and pressure, giving your spine better support to free you from back pain that you sometimes feel on other toppers and mattresses.