Looking For A Private Boat

Because we need it on our new adventure across the seas. If that thing could actually take on the waves that it is supposed to face against. Most of these boats or more like yachts are just really there for luxury and not real adventures. So we do not know if we can even borrow or rent one for a private adventure like Luffy is doing. But hey, we still are up for St Thomas private boat charter.

It should be fun anyway. Even if it does not go for a pirate adventure we could still have all sorts of fun in that boat, being all luxurious or something. Not going to lie here, as much fun as it is to cozy it up with rich people in these yachts, it sounds kind of boring compared to actually going on the high seas and looking for treasures.

Or, hell, maybe not go looking for treasures and just going on an adventure on the sea. Those are fun anyway and the world consists of more water than land, right? It could be a blast and we could maybe discover some of the weirdest things out there or something.

You have to have a sense of adventure first for this though. And even if we introverts are more likely to just saw off our own legs than willingly go outside, we cannot deny that this will be our cup of tea. We love adventures because we always end up reading about them when we are n our rooms.

We always think that it would be so cool to suddenly be forced to go on an adventure and maybe a quest of some kind. Kind of like what Bilbo went through in the Hobbit, yeah? We too were an introvert who liked the comfort of his own home and nice peaceful little town.

But then he got forced to go on a quest to help the dwarves get their own home. It was an awesome adventure and it really forced him to leave his comfort zone. Just as long as you do not enter the fandom, you could enjoy the whole trilogy.

Even though it was really just one single book but hey, Peter Jackson has to make money, right? So he the whole story into a whole trilogy. Of movies. And speaking of the fandom, why do they always have to ship to people together?

Not to say anything homophobic here, but there is clearly no romantic tension between Thorin and Bilbo. Thankfully, that did not ruin the movies for us. We were good at ignoring the fandom back then since we scarcely had any internet. But now, we kind of cannot get away from any of these fan arts and fanfictions and fan theories over any kind of fandom.

It ruins the whole series or franchise for us and we cannot ignore it no matter what. This is mostly because we have internet all the time now. Sometimes we wish the internet would die. We love it but there is just so much horror in it.