Information About Jerusalem Visitor Attractions

Jerusalem, the holy city attracts visitors from around the world, arrives for a variety of different reasons. For both Christians and Jews, the physical and spiritual center of their faith, for Muslims it is one of their most sacred sites for travelers and it is one of the most significant historic city anywhere in the five continents.

Events in the small, walled Old City has influenced the spiritual life of mankind for more than 3000 years and has led to conflicts, crusades and controversy since the first stone was laid.  One can get to know about luxury trips Israel via online search. 

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Church of the Holy Sepulcher, set in the legendary site of the crucifixion and tomb of Jesus at the end of the Via Dolorosa, built during the Crusades at the top of the remains of a 4th century basilica was appointed by Emperor Constantine, and year -round place of pilgrimage for Christians.

Ancient Western Wall, Judaism focuses on the world for two thousand years, is the last remnant of the temples. Many Jerusalem city center hotel has easy access to the old town.

The Dome of the Rock, an iconic symbol with a magnificent golden dome, built in 691AD on the order of Abd el-Malek. Breathtakingly ornate structure, known as the Islamic building the most beautiful in the world, visible throughout the city, and had Christian basilica during the Crusades. Al Aqsa Mosque is also located on the Temple Mount, where the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Other spiritual landmarks including the Chapel of the Ascension and the first-century Tomb of the Virgin Mary, the church is covered by the Crusaders.