How To Have Celebration Of Life Event Instead Of A Funeral

A friend or relative has died and you have been asked to plan a memorial service. Perhaps your loved one does not belong to a church or a family wants a Celebration Of Life Service rather than a sad funeral or maybe people now refer to it as "spiritual or not religious". That usually means they believe in God in some form, but do not adhere to one religion or religious orders like church.

Here are some useful tips and techniques to get started.

There are many ways to honor this life you prices that are not held in a church per se and are not run by the church. The key is respect and affection that goes into planning, personal details, which are served and the respect and love that is present in the celebration.

1. Decide how many people will come

If your loved one has a ton of friends and business contacts, then plan to 100 or more. Ask for one of his / her business associates what to expect from the aspect of one's life.

2. Select Decorations or a Theme

This isn't always necessary, but since you will want to provide a program of some sort, flower arrangements baskets and note cards for leaving the family condolences or placing cards, you may wish to create a color scheme so that the room looks pulled together.

3. Determine the date and time.

Choosing a weekend date allows people to come from outside the city. If the person has asked to be cremated celebration can be for a month or more away. This allows time for preparation, thoughtful reflection, preparation of slides, old photos, etc. All of this takes time and adds a touch of love.