Hiring A Drug Attorney In San Francisco

In an effort to eradicate the menace of illegal drugs, the police as well as the prosecutors, arrest and charge offenders for drug crimes irrespective of how minor or major they are. However, some crimes such as drug manufacturing attract more severe penalties and consequences.  Manufacturing drugs and circulating them is in effect the foundation of the supply chain that fuels drug crimes and addictions. Possession is another crime that attracts stringent penalties.

If the person is a second-time offender, the sentence will be even more severe and conviction is almost a certainty. You will definitely need the services of a skilled criminal lawyer to fight your case and represent you right through the court proceedings. You can also hire the experienced and professional drug attorney in San Francisco.

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You will need an attorney who is assertive and strong and should be able to put forth some solid defense against the charges that have been brought against you. In the case of cultivation and manufacturing, the penalties are dependent on various factors.

But there are some minimum sentences in place, even in the case of a first offense. Though there are several forms of cultivation and manufacturing. The offenses that are most commonly charged include marijuana cultivation and methamphetamine production.

Different states have different penalties. However, none of these are lenient and manufacturing 50gms or more of methamphetamine will carry a minimum 10-year prison sentence while growing 1000 or more of marijuana plants will also mean a similar sentence