Dress Up Windows with Plantation Shutters

To give windows a more finished and polished appearance in the home, it's a good idea to install coverings such as Plantation Shutters, Venetian Blinds or Roman Shades. You can go through this http://www.bestdealshutters.com.au/product/panel-blind/ to get the idea about the plantation shutters.

All of them add to the room's decor and provide a level of privacy as well as protection from sunlight. But each has distinct advantages that may prove more beneficial for some window openings and environments than others.


Many people like the elegance and classic simplicity of Plantation Shutters, which are interior window coverings made from broad slats of wood mounted in a solid frame.  These shutters gained wide usage throughout the southeastern United States because they are perfect for using in warm, humid climates since they allow for the free-flow of air and ventilation through the slates at the same time providing shade from the sun to keep the inside of the house cool.

Traditionally, Plantation Shutters fill the entire window space, with a control rod in the center to open or close the shutters.  They can also be designed as hinged panels which can be pulled completely open for the maximum in ventilation or folded partway open. 

Plantation Shutters can also be designed to fill only the bottom half of a window, allowing the Cafe-style Plantation Shutters to provide some level of privacy without covering the entire window.  Plantation Shutters are usually installed in windows that have glass or removable glass panes so that in hot weather, the glass can be stored and the shutters opened enough for air without eliminating privacy or shade.