Different Kinds of Properties in Singapore

Many people are looking to invest in property in Singapore. This is because the property here is quite reasonable compared to other developed countries in Asia. Singapore actually offers you a huge variation in investing in a property.

For the most part, you will make use of the property in the form of high-rise apartments or condos. The three main types of property here are HDB flats, private apartments, and land properties. When investing in property here, Non-Residents must understand the difference between these properties. You can also get Pullman residences in Singapore via www.pullman-residences.co/.

Former Dunearn Garden Pool

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This is mainly due to ownership restrictions for HDB flats and land properties. Following are the general classifications of property set by the government –

Private apartment

This property falls under the classification of an apartment or condominium along with the difference between the two is the size of the development and also the size of the building.

The condo offers luxury amenities such as swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, squash court, children's playground, BBQ area, covered parking and security services. Most of this is proprietary, but there are many properties that have a rental period of 99 years or a lease period of 999 years.

Landing property

Landing properties in Singapore are classified as terraced houses, semi-detached houses, detached houses, exclusive bungalows, and shophouses. This kind of property tends to be expensive compared to high-rise apartments. The cost of this property depends on the size of the plot and location and is usually associated with land certificates.