Different Factors To Consider When Designing Your Call To Action

What are Some of the Important Factors Toronto

Web Design Companies Should Consider for Improving Design of Buttons?

Buttons are the most common way visitors interact with your site and as such it is important to pay special attention to these UI elements of your web site. In the following sections we will go through some of the steps Toronto web design companies can take to improve these buttons and make them user friendly.

How to improve design for buttons?

Pay Attention to Appearance

toronto web design companiesHow a visitor would understand whether any page element is actually a button and not something else? The answer lies in use of visual cues so that visitors can easily determine click-ability of such page elements. Visual signifiers should be such that all the clickable elements look like normal buttons. Some of the steps designers can take in this regard would consist of:

  • Right Shape

    Buttons should have the right shape, such as square shape so that visitors can easily identify them. Another important aspect to take into account will be consistency so that all the buttons on the site have a similar shape and users do not have any difficulty in identifying them. This in turn will ensure that visitors have a better user experience while browsing your site.

  • Utilize Shadows

    Drop shadows work as visual clues and help a user understand that it is a clickable element. The shadows help such UI elements perfectly stand out and give users a clear indication that they can press the buttons.

  • Proper Labeling

    If a visitor is not able to understand what a button would do then it is likely that the person will not be clicking it. As such, Toronto web design companies should create appropriate labels for all the buttons which clearly indicate what the button does. As for instance, if a visitor wants to register on the site then having a label such as Create Account will help such visitor clearly understand that by clicking on that button he or she will be able to fill the registration form on the next page. Thus, clear labels will improve user interaction on the site and provide visitors with better user experience.

Appropriate Location

It should not be difficult for users to find the buttons on the site; instead Toronto web design companies should place them on the site in a manner that users can easily find them. Your site can expect higher interaction on the site if the buttons are clearly labeled and added in locations where visitors can easily locate them.

Improve Interaction

There are several things Toronto web design companies need to do for improving user interaction. Some of the things designers need to look into would include:

  • Size of Buttons: Designers should pay attention to size of the buttons in comparison to other elements present on the site. Moreover, the buttons needs to be big enough for the users to see as well as interact with them.
  • Padding: There should be sufficient padding between buttons so that all the clickable elements are adequately separated and users can easily click on all the buttons.

In Conclusion

To summarize it can be said that buttons are an integral part of user interface design and designers can improve them by implementing the above mentioned suggestions.