Considerations For Goat Farmers Who Are Interested in Raising Boer Goats

Boer goats are known to be the best type of meat producer in the world. This large creature produces the highest meat yield per animal and, accordingly, is given a higher carcass value than other goat breeds.

Goat breeders also like to raise Boer goats because they can adapt to almost all types of locations and environments, and their reproductive level is unmatched by other goat breeds.

If you are thinking of Boer goat husbandryas a business venture, here are a few things to consider.

1. Housing and fences. Boer goats will need shelter and other areas where they can exercise and graze. Remember that housing is a place where goats can be kept at night, where they can be fed and watered calmly or the birth of baby goats can occur without interruption.

2. Having an individual goat regularly checked by a local veterinarian is always a good investment. Getting a clean health bill for each meat producer ensures that internal parasites, genetic disorders, and disease attacks are as minimal as possible.

3. Maintaining a Boer goat also means establishing a regular health regimen which includes: vaccination of goats and children, adult worms, grooming, and nail cutting.

4. Boer goats are not known to be overweight, but animals still need to exercise regularly.