Compare Granite Countertops with Marble Countertops

Granite marbles are different in many ways and this kind of granite is the preferred choice for most of the homeowners. The best way to compare two of the most common materials for making countertops is to analyze in detail the pros and cons.

Natural stone has both the qualities that they are still for a very long time and they will not depreciate in quality. Marble countertops are one of the elements to your table that instantly add value to your home.

Such as granite, marble is a hard rock that comes in various colors. If you are searching online for marble countertops near you then you can take a look here

Marble gives a feeling of elegance and wealth, especially when placed on the floor or a table and it can last for a lifetime. No two slabs of marble or granite are identical which means you'll get a sense of uniqueness and originality when you install a marble or granite countertop.

The main difference when you compare marble and granite when it comes to stain-resistant and you will find that the marble is a soft rock that is more susceptible to stains and marks than granite. If you happen to spark any kind of drinks on a marble table then you should immediately wipe to prevent etching and coloring.

Liquids that pose a greater threat to the marble table like oil, citric acid, and alcohol. Even water with minerals in it may leave a small stain when minerals in high enough concentrations. Marble is also prone to scratches if you use a knife or other hard objects in marble it will soon take a toll on the table.

Marble requires a lot of maintenance practices besides regular sealing exercise you should do a deep cleaning and sealing.