Boating and Jet Skiing on Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is a lake on the Central Coast part of New South Wales, to the North along the coast from Sydney, Australia.

After the discovery of a safe harbor and coal in 1797 at Newcastle, this coal was regularly transmitted by means of small steamers called 'sixty-milers', because of the length of the sail between Sydney and the coal harbor.

In 1800 a steamer was en route to Newcastle Harbour. It was to pick up a load of coal intended for Sydney but lost its way.Instead of going up the river to the Newcastle dock, it made a navigational error and found itself in an immense lake instead.For more info on boating in sydney you can also look for boat permit nsw by browsing online.

The Aboriginal name of the lake was 'Awaba', but for 25 years, it was popularly known as 'Reid's Mistake', 'Reid' being the name of the captain of the ship that got lost. Then it was renamed 'Lake Macquarie' after the Governor of Australia at that time.

It is an irregularly shaped salt water lake just under 22km long at its maximal length and somewhat less than 8km at its widest part. It has a surface area of about 110 square kilometers. It is so big that its widest extent can only be seen from parts of the Watagan Mountains.

A narrow strip of land, a maximum of a few kilometers wide separates the lake from the sea, except at 'Swansea Channel' and 'Lakes Entrance' where the sea has an inlet. The bridges over the inlet are able to lift to permit quite a large seacraft into the lake or out to sea.

Today, the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Area includes the local regime areas of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie City, Cessnock, Maitland and Port Stephens. It has the 2nd highest population in New South Wales.

Later, a seat was admitted, and then came the handlebars and hand controls. All along, modifications were made to the shape and stuff of the hull until today's sophisticated craft were modernized.

Although the word 'Jet Ski' is, in reality, a brand name for the craft made by Kawasaki, most people tend to call any personal, powered vessel a 'jet ski'.

Initiating off as just a 'fun thing' to try, jet skiing has highly-developed into a multifaceted sport, with racing and sports fishing as just two of the popular activities.