5 Steps to Setting up a Headphone Mix

If you have a quality headphone distribution system such as Hear Technology’s Hear Back, setting up and using multiple headphone mixes is relatively simple and straight forward.

Depending on the particular system you are using in your studio, the steps will vary slightly.  But for this example, the Hearback is the system we will be using.

Here are 5 the steps in order:

1. Group your tracks logically

Depending on the session, the groupings may vary somewhat, but generally they look something like this: Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals.

2. Send each group of instruments to its own stereo output

The sends will probably go something like this: Bass-Outputs 3/4, Drums-Outputs 5/6, Guitar-Outputs 7/8, Vocals-Outputs 9/10.

3. Connect the outputs of your audio interface to the inputs of your Hearback Hub

Here you have the choice of connecting with either an analog cable snake or a digital ADAT cable.

Definitely opt for the digital cable.

It can transfer all 8 channels in just one cable.  On top of that, since it’s going to have to be converted to digital again anyway, you might as well save yourself 2 conversions by keeping things digital.

4. Connect each of the four personal Hearback mixers to the Hub

The mixers are connected together with a digital cat5e cable.  In addition to carrying the audio channels, the cat5e cable also sends power to the individual mixers.

5. Allow the musician to adjust the volume of each group to his liking

The beauty of this system is that each musician can control the level of his own instrument in relation to the mix without any assistance from the engineer.


With a quality headphone distribution system, and some basic knowledge of headphone mixes, you can set up your sessions in a way that will make headphone monitoring for musicians as simple and easy as possible.


What Do You Understand By Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are a great way of saving money while shopping for various products or goods. These are really easy to use and people who are new to this concept can also save using them very easily. Finding coupon codes are available easily online, one just has to type discount code on their search engine tab and numerous search results will appear in the screen.

Some of the coupon codes that are available online are printable one can take a print out of these and use them in any physical store present in your neighborhood. Many big brands like Nike also offer various discount coupon codes online for their customers.

Coupon codes can help you save your hard earned money in different ways. You can get to enjoy free shipment from any online store using any discount code or discount of some percent on the total amount. During holiday season many stores offer coupon codes, using which customers can get freebies.

Discount coupons codes have some expiry date so one has to use it before it gets expire to take full advantage of it. There are various websites present online which offer different coupon codes for various products and brands. These are the reasons why more people have started using coupon codes. 

This is what you need to know about home abortion

An unwanted pregnancy is every woman’s nightmare. The experience is even scarier if you don’t have access to medical services and you don’t have a health insurance covering an abortion. But there are a few things which you should know, as they might help you during these difficult moments.

The fertilized egg implants itself into the uterus lining in the first week of pregnancy, between four and six days after conception. At the same time, the level of hCG, the human growth hormone, increases to support the needs of the developing fetus. This chain reaction starts at the beginning of the pregnancy and continues inside your body until birth. It is very important to understand that an abortion, just like a miscarriage, is less traumatizing if it happens as close as possible at the moment of conception.

Know your options

Modern medicine produced various hormonal and chemical means to induce an abortion. The drugs can be used as home abortion methods, during the first stages of the pregnancy. One such drug is Mifepristonum, which is available online and in drug stores under the names Mifeprex, Cytotec or Mifegyne. This is a pill that is specially designed to cause home abortion during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. The drug acts by blocking progesterone, a necessary hormone during pregnancy. In the less developed countries, you can find an international medical organization which can help you obtain this drug.

For a long time, ranging between decades and centuries ago, before the invention of these drugs, women used home abortion inducing concoctions made of plants. Black and Blue Cohosh tea slows down the estrogen production and provokes early labor. Other teas historically used for abortion were Pennyroyal, Tansy, and Dong Quai. Today, these are still forbidden for pregnant women.


You should never ingest essential oils from these plants, as they are more toxic than the teas. The teas need to be used during the right time in the menstrual cycle. Even then, the chances that they will cause home abortion are only around 30 percent.

It is important to note that all home abortion methods carry certain risks. After a pregnancy, the placenta and all the cell deposits on the uterine walls need to be removed. The natural way for the body to do it is to eliminate them through contractions. So, while you will not give birth, it is very likely that you will have powerful contractions. Another important risk is infection. If the pregnancy leftovers are not properly eliminated from the body, it is possible to get a uterine infection.

Where To Play PSN Games

There are numerous websites on the internet where you can play games however you need to be taking measures to ensure the site is trustworthy enough. With how the internet works, it is virtually impossible to be able to fully put your trust upon a website which is why it is important for you to take your own preventative measures. Take steps to protect your computer that is connected to the internet or a local or wide area network from being infected by virus or malware. Moreover, there are certain websites that feature various games, make sure you go for flash games and play whenever you can right from the hosting server.

Only download games that are made available by popular corporations for free or better still, you could buy your games to be sure of authenticity. One of the websites that you can regularly visit to play free flash games online is http://ihacksncodes.com/psn-code-generator/ which you should bookmark and recommend to your friends and family. playstation games are one of the most popular of games that have been available for a long time. Spare some free time to get used to the website, thereafter keep playing for enjoyment and even recommend them to others.

Reasons To Want To Go For League Of Legends Cheats

There are many reasons that could make you want to go for league of legends cheats however the best reason which bears more importance than all other reasons that I have managed to come across so far, is the fact that you get to have access to unlimited gems which you could use to your advantage. If you know league of legends well, as in having played it over and over again, you will realize how important gems are for this. You would ideally want unlimited gems for which you will need a hacked version of league of legends as there is no other way out.

So, how do you go about getting unlimited gems for free without having to spend a cent towards it? There is only one way and that way is to go for a league of legends hack. Search online for a good league of legends hack that actually works and you would be in a better position to deal with your requirements for league of legends gems time and again. Just make sure that the league of legends hack that you manage to find works well for you given that several websites tend to have them but only a few of them do actually work as expected.

Enhance Your Movie Experience With Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a known name in technology as it provides a great virtual reality experience to the user. Usually the people who love this technology and are pretty excited for using it are game lovers. People, who like watching movies, can also use Oculus Rift to enhance their movies watching experience.

The hardware of Oculus Rift can not only be used for just enhancing the experience of game lovers or movie lovers, it hardware has a way more potential in it. It is mostly gaining attention of people like VR enthusiastic, Researches, Gamers, and entrepreneurs.

The most amazing thing about the Oculus Rift is that it can be controlled by the movement of the head, eyes and neck only. It is really beneficial for the people who are suffering from different disabilities as it will help them control the system without any external help. One can investigate more about the Oculus rift at http://www.infinitepowersolutions.com/oculus-rift/There are various sources present online which will help you learn more about the new technology. 

This new technology has open several new opportunities for the people who are interested in virtual system. It is opening more doors for the experts. Audience and gamers can enjoy their favorite movies or games and more. In future, more such devices will be launched and become favorite of all. 

Writing Has Become A Lucrative Business

Writing has over the recent past become one of the most lucrative businesses. Anyone who has time to write and some ability is able to achieve much within a very short time. If you want to write an eBook in order to make money online, you will require more than talent. Since there is a high concentration of eBooks in the market, the competition is equally high. This is why you should aim at showing your creativity when writing the eBook. This way you will come up with a book that is unique. Such a book will draw the attraction of your potential online readers.

Visit gaming websites for tips on how you can stand out in your writing on how to get free psn codes. The conversion eBook experts will guide you on how you can be innovative in your writing. This will help you come up with a book that is close to no other in the market. If you decide to write on a topic that has been written on before, you should try to write it in a fresh way that is similar to no other. If you can manage to take a different perspective in your writing, the eBook will definitely catch the full attention of your readers. This will make you stand out as an eBook author.

A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Cars

Electric cars are of different kinds and are available in different designs and form. You can buy them at affordable prices. Electric cars are found in different sizes and shapes in the market.

Eco friendly vehicles reduce a driver's environmental footprint in a number of ways, including putting the brakes on pollution in addition to conserving non-renewable fuel sources. These cars do not emit carbon gas and therefore it is known as green cars. You can learn about volkswagen emissions lawsuit compensation from several sources.

You can purchase these cars in order to reduce carbon emissions in the environment. From refueling to help pricing, electric car charging stations are a crucial part of controlling your vehicle's operations.

Exclusive Refueling

You can recharge your car in your home to prepare it for use. This process is quite simple and fast to perform, as it takes under a minute to plug your motor vehicle in when you return home.

Public Options

To recharge in public areas, you will need to discover a network that offers it. Networks are available during the entire country, but each one performs independently and uniquely to produce power. Before utilizing this sort of service, it's helpful to find out a basic overview of that they work and how to make use of them.

The Easiest Way To A PSN Code Generator

There are now simple ways that you can use to design a free psn codes giveaway website. Remember that this is essential for the success of all online businesses. Remember that the way that you will create your own website with either break or make your online business. It will take you sometime before you can successfully design a website on your own. If you think that it is not very easy for you to design the website, you can as well hire a website developer to do it for you. If you are planning to design a website, you must know what you need. Know how you want your website to look before you start creating it.

You can start by having a sketch on paper if you think that it is not enough to have it in mind. Make an exact outline of how you will want the real website to be like. You can then begin the process to create your own website giving away free psn codes. If you have enough funds, you can hire a website developer. Once you have successfully created a website, you will then have to learn how to make a website rank high up on search engine results pages. The higher you rank, the better visibility your website would get and the more money you will be able to make off it.