Kalanggaman Island in the Philippines

Cebu has always been the best tourist spots for foreigners and non-locals alike. It has been named as a tourist hub for travelers as well. However, its neighboring island like Leyte also has something to offer especially when it comes to marine diversity and white sandy beaches. Kalanggaman Island has become a sensation as it left a lot of good and positive feedbacks from tourists. It is so much more of what they’ve expected and it leveled to their expectations actually.

Because there was an incredible increase of tourist visit in the island, a Kalanggaman Island tour package  is also available for them to experience or take such service. The place does not only showcase the sea and its shore but how several activities can be done and incorporate it in a place. Apparently, the things that they can do our mostly water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, stand up paddle and kayaking. Snorkeling has been the best activity by far as they enjoy the water’s biodiversity and life. The place is quiet and serene which is perfect for relaxation and have tan lines. Locals from the island have always been safeguarding the area making sure that all the visitors are safe and having the time of their lives.