Benefits of Using a Birthing Pool

If you do not view anesthetics and analgesics in a favorable way, you might reflect a birthing pool. Also called water birth, it is just like normal delivery only that it is done with the mother immersed in water.

Before, this has been extensively considered pseudo-science but it has gained wide receipt because of increased number in studies done in both in the US and UK which confirm its welfares. For more information on Birthing Pool, you can get in touch via our contact form.

Pools are now offered in maternity suites and hospitals using safe and pathologically approved methods. If planned correctly, it can also be done at home with the assistance of a midwife or a surgeon. Water birthing is not only for low-risk pregnancy but with medical guidance, it can be performed in high-risk pregnancy as well.



Below are the welfares which you can achieve using a birthing pool: Easing of pain. The University of Southampton, a prestigious institution in the UK, once conducted an experiment with 99 participating mothers. 49 mothers delivered in a birthing pool while 50 went through the traditional medical setting.

Two-thirds of the participants who gave birth in the hospital required pain-relieving medication while only half of mothers who used birthing pool needed epidural analgesic for release. This shows that water has a soothing and relaxing size which reduces the occurrence of pain. Another explanation is the production of pain-easing hormones endorphins and oxytocin, which were induced by immersion in water.