Bathroom Lighting – How to Get Great Lighting in Your Bathroom

Bathroom lighting has two important functions and this makes it one of the hardest rooms in the home to get right. You need higher than normal levels of illumination in the bathroom to make the daily job of making yourself pretty easy there is nothing worse than no being able to see yourself properly in the mirror in the morning. The other end of this is the end of the day when you just want to relax in a warm bath, ambient soft light is what you want not light that would be bright enough for a tennis court.

The bathroom roof light is just about the simplest and quickest of advancements you may make to your bathrooms lighting plan. 

In most modern Contemporary lighting studio dwellings, the use of mini down-lighters and wall-hung up-lighters have become quite common. Low voltage halogen fittings are now so small that they are easily concealed and in the case of wall-hung units are compact and don't engulf an entire wall space.

Bathroom wall lighting are something that is being used widely in the areas of the house but often not considered for the toilet lighting scheme. Bathroom wall membrane lamps offer light for the toilet duties but then add interest to the toilet wall space also.

Bathroom mirrors are present in nearly all bathrooms and it is an area that does require sufficient lighting, standard bathroom lighting can often cause shadows around the mirror which isn't great when making yourself look pretty. 

Choices for bathroom mirror lighting includes lights on the wall around the mirror, shaver lights which also offer somewhere to charge a razor or toothbrush and mirror cabinets with integrated lighting.