Audio Transcription for Documentation

Audio transcription is as important as the audio itself. Transcripts can be used for marketing, human resource, assignments and projects. Whatever may be the purpose of the transcripts of the audio is important to prepare a report. Audios may include Interviews which can be conducted over telephone, internet or even face to face. These interviews need to be converted into the desired text format for further use. Interviews have to be submitted to the audio transcription service provider well in advance to ensure timely delivery. The content of the interview should be clear. This can enable the transcriber to effectively convert the audio into text.

Converting oral interviews requires quality equipment and editorial skills. Misinterpreting the interviews could cause more damage than good. Therefore an audio transcription company should take care of all the technicalities before producing the output. Before handing over the transcription work to a service provider ensure that you have sufficient copies of the recordings so that you have backup incase of disk damage or any accident. Never give the original to the transcription company. If possible give the names of the interviewer and the interviewee to the transcriptionist so that they can clearly demarcate between the two in the output. Incase of any technical terminologies used inform the transcriptionist in advance to avoid errors in the final report.